Innovating in concrete

At Terrastone, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying the best concrete mixes. We also specialise in laying liquid limestone and honed, polished and exposed aggregate driveways, alfresco flooring and concrete pool surrounds. But we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re always looking for ways to raise the bar.

Bringing world-leading innovations to Perth

We scour the world for all the latest developments in the science and art of concrete – to minimise the risk of cracking and give you more decorative options. Here are some of our latest innovations:


PoolEdge: Sleek, seamless pool surrounds

Forget ugly segmented pavers and bullnose capping. Our new patented PoolEdge pool surrounds system means you can give your pool the sleek architectural concrete look it deserves, flowing from your alfresco to wrap around and over the edge of your pool in one seamless transition.

What is it?

PoolEdge is a proprietary pool surround moulding system – we’re the only concrete installation company in Australia with the technology and the expertise to use it. It enables us to create a wrap-around pool surround that envelopes your concrete or fiberglass pool, without the need for a bullnose/capping header around the edge of the pool.

With PoolEdge, you get a pool surround with:

  • No unsightly gaps.
  • No weeds.
  • No ants.
  • No subsidence.
  • A beautiful one-piece look.
  • Virtually no maintenance.

We can use PoolEdge for any shape or type of pool, be it concrete or fibreglass, providing the million-dollar look you’ve seen in the magazines and in movies, but without the price tag. Any colour. Any decorative concrete finish. You simply cannot compare the look and advantages of our flooring systems to segmented pavers.

Stainless steel skimmer boxes

We also manufacture our own skimmer boxes for our pool surrounds. When you see the quality finish PoolEdge achieves, you simply won’t be happy with the standard plastic skimmer box lid.

Find out more about our pool surrounds and alfresco expertise, or download our PoolEdge brochure and contact us for more information.


Fibrecrete: Crack-resistant concrete


Even for concrete specialists like us, it’s impossible to provide a 100% guarantee that any of our specially formulated liquid limestone and decorative concrete mixes won’t crack. However, our new Fibrecrete product greatly reduces the risk of cracking.

What is it?

Fibrecrete is a fibre additive that we add to our concrete mixes. Sourced exclusively from Europe by our team, it binds and strengthens the concrete mix, reducing the risk of cracking. Contact us for more information.