Our Story

Redefining architectural concrete in Perth

Not all concrete is made equal. And not all concrete companies in Perth are the same. We’re unique for a number of reasons. Crucially, we’re the only concrete specialists in Perth that manufacture concrete – from scratch – and install it with the care that only artisans bring to their craft.

Bringing a boutique touch to concrete in Perth

Since we started out as Limecrete in 2006, our business – and concrete products – have come a long way. We’ve established ourselves as the decorative concrete specialists, introducing new techniques and technologies to Perth and pioneering smarter ways of working with clients, as well as concrete.

A mission and vision set in concrete

It’s our vision to be the go-to architectural concrete specialists and pioneers. We strive to elevate the art and science of concrete by setting the benchmark for complete concrete solutions.

And we do that by going further than anyone else in making, supplying and laying the perfect architectural concrete solution for every client’s unique project.

Crafting custom concrete solutions

Where some concrete suppliers focus on volume, our focus is quality. It’s all about delivering the perfect mix, colour and finish to your unique specifications, and we’re able to do that because we have our own concrete batching plant in Perth.

We provide a quarry-to-completion service, ensuring the highest quality at every stage of the manufacturing and installation process. We’re able to put the best materials into our concrete mixes, along with extra care, which means a better finish with fewer hassles for you.

Explore our range of liquid limestone and honed, polished and exposed aggregate concrete products, all specially formulated to reduce the risk of cracking. Read about our team of concrete specialists, or contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation anywhere in Perth.